Labor Painting

We have no history on this piece. Let us know if you’ve seen it?


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  1. james coffin Avatar
    james coffin

    i have this piece hanging on my living room wall. It was giving to me by a former employee of MRC bearings five years ago. They were going to throw it away in the dumpster and this person knew my grandfather and saved it.

    1. Michele Jones Avatar
      Michele Jones

      I am so glad to hear it has a home where it is appreciated. I am a 20 year employee of SKF(former MRC) and a fan of Mr. Coffin’s work. We live close to where his home was. I always admired the painting. It hung in the hall for the employee entrance by our HR office. MRC must have commissioned him to paint it. I’m saddened that we didn’t move it with us when we left our building in Jamestown & moved to the Windstream building & to Falconer. We do not have one single piece of artwork anymore. It truly is an awesome piece!

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