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  • 1750 Cobbler

    1750 Cobbler

    Merrill Coffin’s ‘1750 Cobbler’ painting offers a captivating glimpse into the daily life of a colonial village during the mid-18th century. The canvas is alive with vibrant details, capturing the essence of the era with meticulous attention to architectural and human elements. On the left side of the composition, two…

  • Amish Feeding Chickens

    Amish Feeding Chickens

    In the picturesque masterpiece by Merrill Coffin, a serene autumn day unfolds in the heart of Amish country. The canvas is alive with the golden hues of fall, setting the stage for a charming scene that captures the essence of community and rural life. Against a backdrop of golden autumnal…

  • Freeman Farm

    Freeman Farm

    Merrill Coffin’s representation of the Freeman Farm, Sturbridge Mass. He and his wife Lois traveled throughout New England. The painting was the centerpiece of their dining room on Martin Road for many years being Lois’s favorite piece… The painting is a representation of the Freeman farm. Tom Kelleher the curator…