Category: Still Life

  • Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades

  • Time for Buttering

    Time for Buttering

    Merrill Coffin’s “Time for Buttering” invites viewers into a nostalgic tableau, a glimpse into a bygone era where the heart of the home is a warm, worn-keeping room. The scene unfolds against a backdrop of red wallpaper adorned with faded and tearing yellow starbursts, a visual testament to the passage…

  • Decoy and The Painting

    We have no information on this painting. Feel free to share any info.

  • Barn and the Flower Pots

  • Antique Show

  • Butter Churn Sketch

    A study for a painting featuring a butter churn

  • The Butter Churn

  • Autumn Harvest

    Autumn Harvest

    Merrill Coffin’s “Autumn Harvest” gracefully captures the spirit of the season in a radiant countryside landscape. Set against the backdrop of a golden field, a simple wooden bench becomes the scene’s focal point, adorned with the promise of a bountiful harvest. Three woven harvest baskets, perched atop the bench, await…