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  • Tug of War

    Tug of War

    Merrill Coffin’s masterful depiction of an Amish farm, titled “Tug of War,” captures the essence of a tranquil rural scene bathed in warm golden hues. The focal point of the painting is a pristine white barn against which two traditional Amish buggies are neatly parked, adding a touch of simplicity…

  • 1750 Cobbler

    1750 Cobbler

    Merrill Coffin’s ‘1750 Cobbler’ painting offers a captivating glimpse into the daily life of a colonial village during the mid-18th century. The canvas is alive with vibrant details, capturing the essence of the era with meticulous attention to architectural and human elements. On the left side of the composition, two…

  • Union Soldiers

    Union Soldiers

    In Merrill Coffin’s poignant painting, “Union Soldiers,” a timeless tableau unfolds amidst the quietude of a late autumn woodland. The canvas captures a moment of respite for three weary Union soldiers, each figure contributing to the narrative of sacrifice, camaraderie, and vigilance. The backdrop features a dense woodland where most…

  • Winter’s Embrace on the Homestead

    Winter’s Embrace on the Homestead

    Merrill Coffin’s “Winter’s Embrace on the Homestead” transports you to a nostalgic subject of a rustic farm, enveloped in the quiet serenity of winter. The centerpiece is a weathered dark grey barn, its character revealed through missing boards and windows devoid of glass. A fading Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement adorns…

  • Amish Feeding Chickens

    Amish Feeding Chickens

    In the picturesque masterpiece by Merrill Coffin, a serene autumn day unfolds in the heart of Amish country. The canvas is alive with the golden hues of fall, setting the stage for a charming scene that captures the essence of community and rural life. Against a backdrop of golden autumnal…

  • Lincoln’s Resolve: A Union Camp Portrait

    Lincoln’s Resolve: A Union Camp Portrait

    In this poignant painting by Merrill Coffin, titled “Lincoln’s Resolve: A Union Camp Portrait,” the artist skillfully captures a pivotal moment in history. The painting depicts President Abraham Lincoln amidst his Union army in a battle camp, surrounded by the steadfast loyalty of three soldiers. This artwork holds special significance,…

  • Civil War Battle

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  • Off to School

  • The Train

  • Buffalo Indians

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