Haying a Field

In Merrill Coffin’s timeless masterpiece, “Haying Day,” the essence of summer unfolds as three Amish men diligently tend to the age-old tradition of haying a field. Set against a backdrop of vibrant green trees, the men expertly create mounds of hay, each movement a graceful dance with nature. The field is alive with the energy of summer, and the hay stacks stand as testaments to the hard work and timeless practices of the Amish community.

To the left, an old white barn with a weathered exterior sits atop a sturdy grey stone foundation. The barn serves as a focal point, a symbol of enduring tradition and agricultural life. The blurred details evoke a sense of history, as if the painting captures a moment frozen in time.

A white-painted picket fence divides the fields, framing the scene with a touch of simplicity and order. Beyond the fence, three small pine trees stand sentinel, adding a vertical element to the composition. The juxtaposition of the neatly organized fence against the natural chaos of the hay field creates a visual harmony that is quintessentially Coffin.

In the background, a hill rises majestically, adding depth to the landscape and emphasizing the vastness of the rural setting. Four birds grace the sky, their presence enhancing the idyllic atmosphere of this timeless scene.

If you are the owner of this cherished painting, we extend an invitation to provide a new photograph for our archives, ensuring that the beauty and spirit captured in “Haying Day” endures for generations to come.


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