Tag: summer

  • Burst of Lilies

    Burst of Lilies

    Merrill Coffin’s enchanting painting captures the essence of a serene moment in the heart of nature. The canvas comes alive with the vibrant presence of two chickadees. One perched gracefully on an aged, weathered grey fence. The texture of the fence tells a story of time and endurance, creating a…

  • Prey at Midnight

    Prey at Midnight

    Unfortunately, we don’t possess any information about this particular piece- the title was created based on the subject matter.

  • Blue Jay Lunch

    Blue Jay Lunch

    In Merrill Coffin’s “Blue Jay Lunch,” the late summer scene bursts with lively hues and avian activity. Perched gracefully on a white-painted rustic fence, a duo of Blue Jays takes center stage. With a curious gaze and head, one Blue Jay turned towards the viewer, inviting you to share in…

  • Haying a Field

    Haying a Field

    In Merrill Coffin’s timeless masterpiece, “Haying Day,” the essence of summer unfolds as three Amish men diligently tend to the age-old tradition of haying a field. Set against a backdrop of vibrant green trees, the men expertly create mounds of hay, each movement a graceful dance with nature. The field…