Burst of Lilies

Merrill Coffin’s enchanting painting captures the essence of a serene moment in the heart of nature. The canvas comes alive with the vibrant presence of two chickadees. One perched gracefully on an aged, weathered grey fence. The texture of the fence tells a story of time and endurance, creating a rustic backdrop for the delicate avian duo.

One of the fence posts hosts a charming bluebird box painted in a shade of blue. A chickadee has found its perfect perch atop this cozy haven, creating a harmonious blend of natural elements.

At the base of the bluebird nest, a burst of color unfolds with four bright orange lilies. Their petals dance in the gentle breeze, adding a vivid touch to the composition. The lilies are a testament to the vitality and vibrancy that nature brings to even the most humble settings.

As the scene unfolds, a vast canvas of blue sky stretches overhead, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The golden field in the background bathes in the warm sunlight, casting a subtle glow that enhances the sense of serenity. The painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world, celebrating the simplicity and complexity that coexist within it. Coffin’s masterful brushstrokes and attention to detail make this artwork a captivating ode to the poetry of nature.

If you happen to be the possessor of this artwork, we would greatly appreciate your contact. Unfortunately, we don’t possess any information about this particular piece- the title was created based on the subject matter.


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