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  • Burst of Lilies

    Burst of Lilies

    Merrill Coffin’s enchanting painting captures the essence of a serene moment in the heart of nature. The canvas comes alive with the vibrant presence of two chickadees. One perched gracefully on an aged, weathered grey fence. The texture of the fence tells a story of time and endurance, creating a…

  • Birch Chickadees

    Birch Chickadees

    In Merrill Coffin’s “Birch Chickadees,” the artist skillfully captures the ethereal beauty of a winter landscape. In the foreground stands a majestic birch tree, its silver papery bark meticulously rendered with precision. Stripped of leaves, the bare branches cradle three chickadees, their tiny forms adding a touch of life to…

  • Winter Chickadees

    Winter Chickadees

    In Merrill Coffin’s enchanting, “Winter Chickadees,” a serene winter landscape unfolds, weaving a tale of nature’s resilience and the quiet beauty found in forgotten moments. The focal point of the painting is a trio of cheerful chickadees, each contributing to the narrative of a forsaken harvest basket that sits slightly…

  • The Chickadee and The Mail

  • Nature’s Apple Feast

    Nature’s Apple Feast

    In Merrill Coffin’s captivating masterpiece, “Nature’s Apple Feast,” the essence of autumnal abundance comes to life upon the canvas. At its core, a solitary apple branch, heavy with the weight of luscious fruit, takes center stage. Each apple, a radiant orb of dark red, emits a warm, inviting glow, drawing…

  • Chickadee Sketch

    2001 Christmas Present