Category: Seascape

  • Morning Fog on the Cape

    Morning Fog on the Cape

    In Merrill Coffin’s evocative masterpiece, “Morning Fog on the Cape,” the canvas is bathed in the ethereal glow of a misty New England dawn. The tranquil scene unfolds as two boats, gently anchored in the harbor, become focal points in a maritime painting. Amidst the delicate tendrils of morning fog,…

  • The Battle of the High Seas

    The Battle of the High Seas

    Merrill Coffin’s painting ‘The Battle of the High Seas’ shares the intense naval clash between a resilient British Ship and a formidable French Ship. The dynamic scene unfolds with the British ship’s tattered sails adorned with battle scars – a testament to the fierce struggle for supremacy. The canvas captures…

  • The Lois Coffin

    The Lois C Named after his wife Lois Coffin Originally available as a print Review the sketch of this painting.

  • Tide’s In

    “Early Morning tide brings forth the lonely lobsterman, to check on his lobster traps. His lobster dory begins to float free from the mud flat where i has rested, awaiting the next day’s excursion and hopefully a rewarding catch.” – Merrill E Coffin The Tide’s In was available as a…

  • Fisherman MA4034

    June 6, 1988