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  • Blue Jay Haven

    Blue Jay Haven

    In this captivating painting, titled “Blue Jay Haven,” the artist invites us into a scene of rural tranquility, where two blue jays find solace amidst the beauty of nature. Set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky, the composition is anchored by an old, rusted mailbox, which serves as…

  • Snow Chat

    Snow Chat

    In the ‘Snow Chat’ painting by Merrill Coffin, nature’s drama unfolds on a canvas of snowy serenity. Two vibrant blue jays, resplendent in their azure plumage, flank a cardinal on a snow-laden branch. The heavy snowfall paints a tranquil landscape, casting a hushed spell over the winter painting. Against the…

  • Chattering Jays

    Chattering Jays

    In ‘Chattering Jays,’ a painting by Merrill Coffin, the essence of a tranquil day is vividly captured on canvas. The focal point of the painting features two brilliant blue jays perched on a weathered white wooden fence, their feathers rendered with meticulous detail, displaying a striking contrast against the aged…

  • Special Delivery

    Special Delivery

    In Merrill Coffin’s painting, “Special Delivery,” the artist captures the essence of autumn with a scene that exudes warmth and anticipation. The background is adorned with golden trees, their leaves ablaze with the rich hues of the season, creating a captivating backdrop to the unfolding narrative. In the foreground, a…

  • Blue Jay Lunch

    Blue Jay Lunch

    In Merrill Coffin’s “Blue Jay Lunch,” the late summer scene bursts with lively hues and avian activity. Perched gracefully on a white-painted rustic fence, a duo of Blue Jays takes center stage. With a curious gaze and head, one Blue Jay turned towards the viewer, inviting you to share in…

  • Blue Jay Bounty

    Blue Jay Bounty

    In this evocative painting by Merrill Coffin, titled “Blue Jay Bounty,” the artist transports us to a picturesque countryside scene imbued with the rich colors and textures of fall. Set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky dotted with birds in flight, the composition is anchored by a quaint…

  • Nature’s Apple Feast

    Nature’s Apple Feast

    In Merrill Coffin’s captivating masterpiece, “Nature’s Apple Feast,” the essence of autumnal abundance comes to life upon the canvas. At its core, a solitary apple branch, heavy with the weight of luscious fruit, takes center stage. Each apple, a radiant orb of dark red, emits a warm, inviting glow, drawing…

  • Blue Jay and the Basket

    Year Unknown

  • The Artist and His Work

    The Artist and His Work

    Merrill E. Coffin gave a gallery talk to Carole Crolle’s fifth graders at the Octagon Gallery at Patterson Library last Friday. Mr. Coffin delighted the students by drawing several nature scenes and telling them how he creates his wildlife paintings. Mr. Coffin is pictured here with his painting “Curious Blue Jays.” The exhibit continues through Dec.…

  • Winter Serenade

    Winter Serenade

    Merrill Coffin’s “Winter Serenade” delicately captures a serene and harmonious winter scene, where nature’s inhabitants come together against the backdrop of a tranquil landscape. The painting unfolds with a symphony of colors, textures, and avian life. At the heart of the composition, a charming bluebird house, dusted with a hint…