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  • Fiery Autumn

    Fiery Autumn

    Merrill Coffin’s masterpiece, “Fiery Autumn,” invites viewers into a world ablaze with the fiery hues of fall. The focal point of this captivating painting is the resplendent display of autumnal glory, where a vibrant sea of red leaves adorns the trees, creating a rich and warm background that speaks of…

  • Winter’s Flight

    Winter’s Flight

    Merril Coffin’s ‘Winter’s Flight’’ captures the serene beauty of a rural winter landscape in Western New York. In the left foreground, birch trees stand tall and leafless, their delicate branches reaching towards the crisp winter sky. A sturdy barbed wire fence runs the length of the painting, a silent witness…

  • Flying South

    Flying South

    Merrill Coffin’s “Flying South” is a poignant winter piece that beautifully encapsulates the essence of migration and the changing seasons. The foreground showcases a vast cornfield, its once-tall stalks now harvested, peeking through a blanket of snow in four neat rows. The remnants of the cornstalks provide a textural contrast,…

  • Winter’s Embrace on the Homestead

    Winter’s Embrace on the Homestead

    Merrill Coffin’s “Winter’s Embrace on the Homestead” transports you to a nostalgic subject of a rustic farm, enveloped in the quiet serenity of winter. The centerpiece is a weathered dark grey barn, its character revealed through missing boards and windows devoid of glass. A fading Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement adorns…

  • Winter Flight Sketch

    Winter Flight Sketch

    View A Winter Flight’s Painting

  • A study in Geese

    A look inside Merrill Coffin’s Sketchbook.