Tag: Chickens

  • Grandpa’s Milk House

    Grandpa’s Milk House

    “Grandpa’s Milk House” by Merrill Coffin is a captivating painting that captures the essence of rural life and the beauty of autumn. At the center of the composition is a weathered barn, one of Merrill’s favorite motifs, standing proudly against a backdrop of a golden field. The barn’s foundation is…

  • Amish Feeding Chickens

    Amish Feeding Chickens

    In the picturesque masterpiece by Merrill Coffin, a serene autumn day unfolds in the heart of Amish country. The canvas is alive with the golden hues of fall, setting the stage for a charming scene that captures the essence of community and rural life. Against a backdrop of golden autumnal…

  • Quilts drying

    Quilts drying

    “Quilts Drying” by Merril Coffin captures the serene essence of a farmhouse in autumn, surrounded by the warmth of Amish life. In the foreground, six chickens eagerly peck at the ground as an Amish girl scatters feed. Nearby, a young Amish boy playfully attempts to catch one of the chickens,…