Tag: Hunting

  • Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence

    Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence

    In Merrill Coffin’s “Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence,” the canvas comes alive with the spirit of the hunt set against a tranquil, wintry landscape. In the foreground, two hunters clad in their hunting attire navigate over a rustic barbed wire fence, venturing into the vastness of the countryside. As one…

  • Silent Snowfall: Limburg’s Retreat

    Silent Snowfall: Limburg’s Retreat

    Merrill Coffin’s “Silent Snowfall: Limburg’s Retreat” invites you into the serene embrace of a winter landscape, capturing the quiet charm of John Limburg’s hunting cabin just beyond the Nickle Inn, nestled in Little Bone Run. The cabin, wrapped in a blanket of snow, emits a cozy warmth with the gentle…