Author: Elizabeth Gleason

  • Chinese Love Story Pictured on New Bedroom Furniture

    Chinese Love Story Pictured on New Bedroom Furniture

    Jamestown Post-Journal – March 20, 1948 A Chinese love story in lacquer, enacted on novel bedroom furniture, will be a special exhibit by Union-National Furniture Company at the Jamestown Exposition next month when 2,500 buyers will converge here. The first sets of more than 250, now being made, are completed.…

  • Blue Jay Haven

    Blue Jay Haven

    In this captivating painting, titled “Blue Jay Haven,” the artist invites us into a scene of rural tranquility, where two blue jays find solace amidst the beauty of nature. Set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky, the composition is anchored by an old, rusted mailbox, which serves as…

  • Tug of War

    Tug of War

    Merrill Coffin’s masterful depiction of an Amish farm, titled “Tug of War,” captures the essence of a tranquil rural scene bathed in warm golden hues. The focal point of the painting is a pristine white barn against which two traditional Amish buggies are neatly parked, adding a touch of simplicity…

  • Bison in Winter

    Bison in Winter

    In this captivating painting, a snowy field is covered with a blanket of snow under the soft, diffused light of a grey winter day. Majestic pine trees stand tall in the background, their branches gracefully laden with snow. A sense of tranquility pervades the scene as bison graze peacefully, their…

  • Floral Cradle

    Floral Cradle

    Cradle painted for his granddaughter Elizabeth Coffin Gleason – 1975

  • Floral Trunk

    Floral Trunk

    Originally, it was the private collection of Merrill and Lois Coffin. The piece was featured in their living room. Private Collection of Daniel Nagurney, Grandson

  • Decorated Toy Chests

    Decorated Toy Chests

    Set of Three Toy Chests made in 1975 for his three granddaughters Kerry Nagurney, Laurie Coffin Kortowich, and Elizabeth Coffin Gleason.

  • Painted Washstand

    Painted Washstand

    Original furniture of the Coffin House – Martin Rd Jamestown, NY Private Collection of Laurie Kortowich (Granddaughter)

  • Decorated Milk Cans

    Decorated Milk Cans

    Private Collection of James Coffin (Grandson)