Merrill Coffin

November 4, 1924-December 24, 2006

Merrill Coffin

Merrill Coffin was born November 4th, 1924 in the city of Jamestown, New York to George and Lillian Anderson Coffin. With no formal artistic education after high school, his talent came to him naturally.

In 3rd grade, a pencil sketch of Washington crossing the Delaware was hung in the principal’s office for the full year. He began art courses in junior high. During his high school years, he helped on the Art Staff for the Annual. With his natural ability and what he learned in that 9th-grade course, he started that summer working at Aburg Sign. After this experience, he majored in art through high school and graduated with an art diploma in 1942 from Jamestown High School.

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The Paintings

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“People like to hang on to our past, to what their grandfathers had, to what their great-grandfathers had… Antiquity is holding people together”

Merrill Coffin

Winter Scenes – View All Winter Scenes

  • Bison in Winter

    Bison in Winter

    In this captivating painting, a snowy field is covered with a blanket of snow under the soft, diffused light of a grey winter day. Majestic pine trees stand tall in the background, their branches gracefully laden with snow. A sense of tranquility pervades the scene as bison graze peacefully, their…

  • Pheasants Foraging

    Pheasants Foraging

    In Merrill Coffin’s, “Pheasant Foraging,” from December 2004 the viewer is transported into a serene snowy landscape adorned with the delicate beauty of a pheasant’s foraging in winter. The foreground features the elegant stride of a pheasant, its vibrant plumage contrasting with the pristine white canvas of the snowy field…

  • Winter’s Flight

    Winter’s Flight

    Merril Coffin’s ‘Winter’s Flight’’ captures the serene beauty of a rural winter landscape in Western New York. In the left foreground, birch trees stand tall and leafless, their delicate branches reaching towards the crisp winter sky. A sturdy barbed wire fence runs the length of the painting, a silent witness…

Artwork & Print Worth

We receive many requests on how much a piece is worth?

Original paintings vary in price from $100-800.00 depending on subject matter and condition. We do not evaluate the cost of your piece. For prints we’ve seen locally pricing range up to $250.00 for a signed framed print. We sell prints online that are still available that are not signed by the artist but come from the estate for 50.00. Price depends on condition, age, frame, number. Most prints were created in the 1980s. You can find prints in some art shops in town and some original paintings in galleries locally.

Please note as of right now the estate does not have prints for the following paintings: