Maple Syrup Harvest in Winter

Merrill Coffin captures the essence of Maple Syrup Season in ‘Maple Syrup Harvest in Winter.’ Against a muted winter sky, a sugar house stands in the background, emitting wisps of smoke from its chimney. The scene is a testament to the timeless tradition of tapping maple trees for that liquid gold.

In the foreground, an older gentleman donned in a vibrant red winter jacket and matching hat tends to his maple syrup buckets. His experienced hands check each one with care, ensuring a bountiful harvest. Beside him, a loyal yellow lab stands attentively, mirroring the man’s gaze back towards the bustling sugar shack.

The entire field is draped in a blanket of snow, creating a serene backdrop for this seasonal spectacle. Delicate flakes rest on the branches of the maple trees, bearing witness to the rhythmic dance between nature and the maple syrup harvest.

As the man faces the viewer, his weathered features tell a story of years spent mastering the art of syrup making. Meanwhile, the dog’s gaze reflects a shared connection with the sugar shack—an integral part of this age-old tradition.

A celebration of the quiet beauty found in the heart of winter, where the process of extracting liquid sweetness from nature’s bounty becomes a harmonious dance between man, dog, and the tranquil snow-covered landscape.


2 responses to “Maple Syrup Harvest in Winter”

  1. Susan Mitchener Avatar
    Susan Mitchener

    Are there prints available of this piece? I have a signed print “Morning Fog on the Cape”, #639 of 750. I love it. The boats are named the “Sea Fox” and “Richard Arnold”. I’ve often wondered if the names were the boats actual names, Merrill imagined or possibly have a link to family.

    1. Elizabeth Gleason Avatar

      Susan – Richard Arnold is a mystery right now with us. I’ve asked the family and we can pin point the name. There are plenty of his boat paintings out there with the family’s name on them though.

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