Autumn Farewell


This framed print by Merrill Coffin is available with hundreds of different frame and mat combinations. Our framed prints are assembled, packaged, and shipped by our expert framing staff and delivered “ready to hang” with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.    


Merrill Coffin’s “Autumn’s Farewell” captures the poignant beauty of nature’s transition. Against a backdrop of weathered barn wood, a milk can casts a dark shadow. A weathered harvest basket sits beside it, bearing the marks of seasons past. Perched on the basket’s edge, a Blue Jay surveys the scene.

To the right, three pumpkins rest in golden grass, symbols of the bountiful harvest now coming to a close. The Blue Jay, its gaze fixed on a pumpkin, hints at nature’s instinct to prepare for winter. Peck marks on the pumpkin tell a tale of the bird’s diligent foraging, a testament to the interplay between wildlife and the changing seasons.

“Autumn’s Farewell” is a masterful portrayal of the delicate balance between life and the inevitable passage of time, as nature readies itself for the quiet embrace of winter. Coffin’s attention to detail and rich symbolism invites viewers to reflect on the cyclical beauty of the natural world.

The estate is offering this print. It is one of the few high-resolution slides we have of his artwork.

If you happen to be the possessor of this artwork, we would greatly appreciate your contact. Unfortunately, we don’t possess any information about this particular piece- the title was created based on the subject matter.


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