Company Chooses Local Artist’s Painting Again

A painting by veteran Jamestown artist, Merrill E. “Pete” Coffin has been selected by a Bradford Pa., company for its 1986 limited edition lithograph print.

It marks the ninth consecutive year that McCourt Label Co., the nation’s largest producer of pharmaceutical industry labels has chosen one of Coffin’ works for its exclusive print.

The seascape is titled “The Thomas C” and shows an old abandoned lobster boat and its small attendant dory in a typical ocean-front setting.

Coffin is known nationally for his nautical scenes and Americana art. He researches the authenticity of his paintings by extensive travel on Cape Cod and surrounding areas.

The Jamestown man’s paintings are represented in several galleries throughout New England, Ohio, Nantucket Island and in several national corporations.

Coffin’s “Grandpa’s Basket” was chosen by the Batavia Art Society’s third annual art exhibition who is is open to all artists in the Unites States and Canada. Only 50 paintings were selected to be shown.

The local man’s paintings also have been featured recently on the cover and center spread of Palette, the magazine of Grumbacher Inc., world’s largest manufacturer of art supplies.

Coffin’s works will be displayed at the Bemus Point Art Show July 12-17 and the Fredonia Farm festival Aug 28-31

His Coffin House Studio and Gallery on the Martin Road, Jamestown is open throughout the year.


*Source Post-Journal, Date Unknown


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