Palette Talk Issue 51

Merrill Coffin the feature of Palette Talk Issue 51

Article and Cover of Palette Talk. Ed 51
Painting: Grandma’s Treasure
Published by M. Grumbacher, Inc © 1982 by M. Grumbacher, Inc.
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3 responses to “Palette Talk Issue 51”

  1. […] Grumbacher Publication, “Palette Talk“, published Mr. Coffin’s work on their cover and also the center spread. McCourt Label […]

  2. […] Merrill Coffin was one of the featured artists in the Grumbacher  supply company publication “Palette Talk” No. 51. In the article, Pete say what he told me: “A building is no better than the foundation it is […]

  3. […] man’s paintings also have been featured recently on the cover and center spread of Palette, the magazine of Grumbacher Inc., world’s largest manufacturer of art […]

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