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  • Chinese Love Story Pictured on New Bedroom Furniture

    Chinese Love Story Pictured on New Bedroom Furniture

    Jamestown Post-Journal – March 20, 1948 A Chinese love story in lacquer, enacted on novel bedroom furniture, will be a special exhibit by Union-National Furniture Company at the Jamestown Exposition next month when 2,500 buyers will converge here. The first sets of more than 250, now being made, are completed.…

  • Lunge & Bass Season Opens

    Lunge & Bass Season Opens

    The cartoon by Merrill Coffin was published in the Jamestown Post Journal on June 30, 1953.

  • Bargain Days

    Bargain Days

    Bargain Day October 16, 1957 – Jamestown Post Journal

  • Calico Season

    Calico Season

    Three Calico Cartoons for the Post Journal. My grandfather took an annual fishing trip to Lady Evelyn every year. April 6, 1955- Post Journal

  • National Fuel Cartoon

    National Fuel Cartoon

    Cartoon study for the Jamestown Post-Journal – 1950s

  • A Friend Indeed

    A Friend Indeed

    1950 Cartoon from the Post-Journal about Juvenile Delinquency in the city.

  • City Manager

    City Manager

    If We’re going to Change Model’s – Let’s Go All Out!

  • Art at the Audubon

    Art at the Audubon

    Paintings to be displayed by Coffin will include Frosty Morning Companions,” which shows three cardinals and birch trees, “Kodiak Bear,” and “Pheasant Companions.” Art teacher Eleanor Himes gave him a foundation in art when he was in high school. He added many facts to his educational larder when he took…

  • Happiness Fund

    Happiness Fund

    Post Journal November 22, 1958: Artist Donates Fee to Happiness Fund “Merrill Coffin Jamestown artist whose cartoons appear frequently in The Post-Journal, asked that his fee for the cartoon on the Christmas Happiness Fund appearing above he paid into the Happiness Fund that he might share further in the joy…