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  • Pheasants Foraging

    Pheasants Foraging

    In Merrill Coffin’s, “Pheasant Foraging,” from December 2004 the viewer is transported into a serene snowy landscape adorned with the delicate beauty of a pheasant’s foraging in winter. The foreground features the elegant stride of a pheasant, its vibrant plumage contrasting with the pristine white canvas of the snowy field…

  • Morning Frost Symphony

    Morning Frost Symphony

    In Merrill Coffin’s 1983 “Morning Frost Symphony,” the artist transports us into a serene winter landscape where nature’s subtleties take center stage. The scene unfolds beneath a soft, grey-clouded sky, tinged with the first light of sunrise that gently bathes the landscape in a delicate glow. Stretching across the horizon…

  • Golden Serenity – Two Pheasants in a Field

    Golden Serenity – Two Pheasants in a Field

    In Merrill Coffin’s “Golden Serenity: Two Pheasants in a Field,” the artist captures a moment of tranquil beauty in the heart of the countryside. The foreground reveals a lush field of golden hay, a warm and inviting backdrop that sets the stage for the starring duo – two resplendent pheasants…