Morning Frost Symphony

Morning Frost Symphony - Merrill Coffin Painting

In Merrill Coffin’s 1983 “Morning Frost Symphony,” the artist transports us into a serene winter landscape where nature’s subtleties take center stage. The scene unfolds beneath a soft, grey-clouded sky, tinged with the first light of sunrise that gently bathes the landscape in a delicate glow.

Stretching across the horizon is a vast snow-covered field, its pristine white surface broken only by the hay left from the harvested hay and a bit of red brush in the distance. Nestled within this tranquil expanse is a weathered red barn on the left, standing as a steadfast sentinel against the winter chill. The barn’s worn facade hints at the passage of time and the stories it holds within its rustic walls.

In the foreground, on the left side, four bare trees stand proudly, their branches dappled with snow. These sentinels of the seasons add a vertical elegance to the composition, their skeletal forms contrasting against the softness of the wintry landscape.

At the heart of the foreground, six pheasants huddle together behind a barbed wire fence. The barbed wire fence, though stark, serves as a poignant reminder of the boundaries between the untamed beauty of nature and the encroachment of human influence.

On the other side of the fence, a small stream meanders through the landscape, its waters almost frozen in the frigid embrace of winter. The delicate ice formations along the stream’s edge capture the essence of the season’s transformative touch, creating a visual dance between stillness and movement.

“Morning Frost Symphony” is a testament to Coffin’s mastery of capturing winter’s nuanced beauty. The painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in the quietude of a winter morning, where the subtle interplay of light, color, and nature’s elements converges to create a harmonious symphony of tranquility.


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