Bison Graze

Immerse yourself in Merrill Coffin’s captivating painting, “Bison Graze” showcased at the Village Square Arts Festival in Kennedy, NY. In this breathtaking scene, five majestic buffalo graze peacefully in a snowy field, their powerful forms contrasting with the pristine white landscape. Above them soars an eagle, a symbol of freedom and resilience, gracefully navigating the wintry skies.

The background unveils a serene landscape of pine woods blanketed in snow, creating a tranquil setting for this harmonious composition. A subtle grey backdrop enhances the wintery ambiance, setting the stage for the unfolding natural spectacle. Four birds gracefully take flight against this backdrop, adding a dynamic element to the scene and emphasizing the interconnectedness of the diverse wildlife.

“Bison Graze” captures the essence of the untamed beauty of the American wilderness in winter. Merrill Coffin’s attention to detail brings each bison and the soaring eagle to life, creating a visual poem that resonates with the spirit of nature.


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