Autumn Harvest

Merrill Coffin’s “Autumn Harvest” gracefully captures the spirit of the season in a radiant countryside landscape. Set against the backdrop of a golden field, a simple wooden bench becomes the scene’s focal point, adorned with the promise of a bountiful harvest. Three woven harvest baskets, perched atop the bench, await the fruits of labor, suggesting a sense of readiness for the upcoming harvest.

The autumnal ambiance is heightened by the presence of a cardinal perched on the central basket, its vibrant red plumage adding a burst of color to the composition. The cardinal faces the viewer, as if inviting them to partake in the seasonal abundance captured in this tranquil scene.

At the foot of the bench lies a wooden bail, an essential tool for the impending harvest, emphasizing the agricultural narrative woven into the painting. The atmosphere is infused with the crisp air of fall, creating a sense of anticipation and celebration of nature’s generosity.

In the background, to the left of a white-painted farmhouse, four bare trees stand as stoic sentinels of the changing seasons. With its 18-pane windows and half-visible door, the farmhouse exudes a timeless charm, hinting at the history and tradition ingrained in rural life. Only a corner of the house is revealed, adding an element of mystery and inviting the viewer to imagine the stories within.

A bush in the corner of the farmhouse, now bare, complements the overall autumnal palette, its branches echoing the delicate and transient nature of the season. “Autumn Harvest” is a testament to Merrill Coffin’s ability to capture the essence of rural life, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty and harmony found in nature’s simplicity and the harvest cycles.


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