Merriam’s Turkey

Merrill Coffin’s “Merriam’s Turkey” captures the essence of a crisp fall day in a golden field where nature’s beauty unfolds in a harmonious display. The canvas is adorned with the warm hues of autumn as the golden field gently sways in the breeze, setting the stage for a picturesque scene.

In the foreground, a male and female turkey take center stage, their presence a testament to the season’s vibrancy. The male turkey’s feathers are glorious, showcasing a rich tapestry of earthy tones. The female, equally elegant, complements the scene with her graceful presence. Together, they embody the spirit of autumn’s abundance.

Meandering through the background, a rustic barbed wire fence adds a touch of rural charm to the composition. Its winding path creates a subtle yet impactful visual element, enhancing the depth and perspective of the scene.

Two rocks, bathed in shadows, rest in the foreground, providing a natural anchor to the composition. They stand as silent witnesses to the turkey duo’s autumn serenade, grounding the scene in the quiet beauty of the landscape.

Merrill Coffin’s keen eye for detail and mastery of color invites viewers to revel in fall splendor. “Merriam’s Turkey” is a visual symphony where the golden field, majestic turkeys, and rustic elements converge to create a timeless celebration of nature’s seasonal grandeur.


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