Morning Fog on the Cape

In Merrill Coffin’s evocative masterpiece, “Morning Fog on the Cape,” the canvas is bathed in the ethereal glow of a misty New England dawn. The tranquil scene unfolds as two boats, gently anchored in the harbor, become focal points in a maritime painting.

Amidst the delicate tendrils of morning fog, the boats, named “Sea Fox” and “Richard Arnold,” emerge as silent sentinels on the calm waters. The artist captures the essence of a fog-laden morning, where the boundary between sea and sky blurs, creating an atmosphere of mystery and serenity.

“Sea Fox” and “Richard Arnold” are rendered with meticulous detail, their forms softened by the embracing mist. The artist skillfully employs a muted color palette, capturing the subtleties of the fog’s diffusion of light. Soft grays and cool blues dominate the scene, imparting a sense of quietude and introspection.

The backdrop reveals the iconic coastal charm of New England, with hints of quaint buildings and distant shores shrouded in the morning haze. The muted tones of the boats and surroundings create a harmonious interplay, emphasizing the quiet beauty that emerges when nature and maritime elements converge.

The morning fog becomes a metaphorical veil, inviting viewers to contemplate the mystery and allure of the sea, as well as the stories held by the boats named “Sea Fox” and “Richard Arnold.”

“Morning Fog on the Cape” is a testament to Merrill Coffin’s ability to capture the nuanced beauty of coastal life. It invites viewers to step into a moment where time seems suspended, and the tranquil embrace of the fog transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, revealing the magic inherent in the quietude of a New England morning on the Cape.

Morning onthe Fog

Announcement for Morning Fog on the Cape

The artist, Merrill E. Coffin who resides in Jamestown, N.Y., is widely known for his sense of realism and execution of detail.

His marine art has received numerous awards and is soon to be published in “Yankee” magazine.

We wish to express our gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Poissant of Williamsville, N.Y. who graciously loaned the original painting for this lithographic reproduction.

This is the second print in a limited edition series. Each print is numbered and hand signed by the artist.


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