Factory Finishing Facilities Now Available For Your Furniture Needs

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Are you confronted with the problem of what to do about the bad appearing finish on your furniture? Do you have a table, desk, chair, etc. in good condition, other than the finish? You can solve this problem by calling on Decorolac and its finishing staff. Decorolac has for the past ten years served the furniture industry in the finishing field and now its facilities are ready for the public. You can have your dining room suite or bedroom suite refinished to your liking immediately. This process includes removal of the old finish, new stain, minor repairs, complete coating with lacquer and hand rubbing. Considering the replacement cost of new furniture, this service has enabled hundreds of people to have sparkling new furniture at a tremendous saving.

With the advent of television, many person have retrieved old tea wagons from the attic along with other units and had them refinished by Decoroac, pressing into use very practical forgotten pieces of furniture.

Another service, Decorolac offers, is its hand painted finish process. This features Chinese decoration on black lacquer with gold striping. Along with this finish, you can choose antique white and gold, red, green or other pastel-shades to your liking.

If you have a Boston rocker or other Hitchcock pieces, they can be authentically treated by Hitchcock specialist attached to the art staff.

Your piano and its finish need no longer be an eye sore in the living room. Decorolac has processed pianos for some of the nations leading manufacturers. Consult with us on your finishing problems by dropping in at our office at 335 Harrison Street, or calling us at 5883.

This service is designed for the budget conscious as well as the most discriminating. End your shabby finish concern today by letting Decorolac finish grace your home.


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