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  • Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence

    Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence

    In Merrill Coffin’s “Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence,” the canvas comes alive with the spirit of the hunt set against a tranquil, wintry landscape. In the foreground, two hunters clad in their hunting attire navigate over a rustic barbed wire fence, venturing into the vastness of the countryside. As one…

  • Little Bone Run Hunt

    Little Bone Run Hunt

    Merrill Coffin’s canvas comes alive with the quiet intensity of the “Little Bone Run Hunt,” capturing a serene moment in the heart of the snowy forest. In the foreground, a buck, adorned with impressive antlers, contemplates a tranquil drink from a small stream, pausing amidst the pristine snow. Behind the…

  • The Doe

    Christmas Gift to Thomas and Julie Coffin December 1996

  • The Buck and The Doe