Little Bone Run Hunt

Little Bone Run Hunt

Merrill Coffin’s canvas comes alive with the quiet intensity of the “Little Bone Run Hunt,” capturing a serene moment in the heart of the snowy forest. In the foreground, a buck, adorned with impressive antlers, contemplates a tranquil drink from a small stream, pausing amidst the pristine snow.

Behind the buck, the delicate beauty of the scene unfolds – a watchful doe and a dainty fawn stand across the stream, their presence adding a touch of grace to the winter landscape. The forest is adorned with snow-covered branches, creating a quiet symphony of white against the earthy tones of small pines and the occasional burst of red and copper brush.

In the background, positioned on what locals affectionately call “the rock,” two figures observe the scene. These hunters, none other than Merrill Coffin’s son Thomas and daughter-in-law Julie, blend seamlessly into the painting. The familial connection brings an intimate dimension to the painting, where the passion for hunting and the love of nature converge.

Merrill Coffin skillfully captures the essence of a moment frozen in time. The quiet of the snowy forest, the poised deer, and the familial bond expressed through the hunters create a rich narrative that invites viewers to immerse themselves in the magic of Little Bone Run.


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