Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence

In Merrill Coffin’s “Dawn Pursuit: Over the Fence,” the canvas comes alive with the spirit of the hunt set against a tranquil, wintry landscape. In the foreground, two hunters clad in their hunting attire navigate over a rustic barbed wire fence, venturing into the vastness of the countryside.

As one hunter pauses, glancing back while negotiating the fence, the field behind them comes to life. Two deer bound through the snow-covered expanse, their presence adding a touch of wildness to the scene. The barn stands witness to the unfolding pursuit, a silent observer of the delicate dance between hunters and wildlife.

A gentle dusting of snow carpets the fields, with cornfields lining the right, their remnants adding texture to the winter tableau. Beyond, a small hill in the background adds depth to the composition, creating a sense of the vastness of the rural landscape.

The sky above is painted in the subtle hues of dusk or the moments just before dawn, setting the stage for a quiet, contemplative morning in the countryside. Merrill Coffin’s skilled brush captures the essence of the hunt, the harmony of nature, and the stillness of a winter’s day, inviting viewers to join the hunters on their dawn pursuit.


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