Freeman Farm

Merrill Coffin's Freeman Farm

Merrill Coffin’s representation of the Freeman Farm, Sturbridge Mass. He and his wife Lois traveled throughout New England. The painting was the centerpiece of their dining room on Martin Road for many years being Lois’s favorite piece…

The painting is a representation of the Freeman farm. Tom Kelleher the curator of the Freeman farm offered the following information on the landscape…

“Our Freeman Farm is a recreation centered on the house built circa 1812- 1815 by Chester Belknap and purchased by Sturbridge farmer Pliny Freeman (1780- 1855) in 1828. In 1950/51 the house was condemned by the Massachusetts highway department and relocated to Old Sturbridge Village. It was moved to its present location in 1956. The basic information on the outbuildings is as follows:

Barn, Charlton, Massachusetts, c. 1830-50
Corn Barn, Thompson, Connecticut, c. 1830-60
Smokehouse, Goshen, Connecticut, c. 1800.

The farm lay-out is based upon historical and archeological investigations of several farms in this area circa 1830. I attach a few pictures for your reference. You can find more information at our website, and using the search window.

It strikes me that the beautiful painting in question was inspired by a visit here rather than a depiction of a specific Old Sturbridge Village scene.”

Tom Kelleher, curator

Photos Provided by Tom Kellher



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