Quilts drying

Quilts Drying

“Quilts Drying” by Merril Coffin captures the serene essence of a farmhouse in autumn, surrounded by the warmth of Amish life. In the foreground, six chickens eagerly peck at the ground as an Amish girl scatters feed. Nearby, a young Amish boy playfully attempts to catch one of the chickens, adding a lively touch to the scene. Quilts, rich with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, hang on a clothesline, drying in the crisp autumn air.

To the right, a mother cradles her baby, exuding a sense of calm and nurturing love. An Amish boy pets a dog, illustrating the gentle bond between child and pet. In the background, an older Amish man tends to a horse hitched to a buggy, embodying the timeless connection between humans and animals in this rural setting.

Coffin’s painting beautifully weaves together elements of everyday life, portraying the simplicity, harmony, and quiet joys of an Amish community in autumn.


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