Blue Jay Lunch

In Merrill Coffin’s “Blue Jay Lunch,” the late summer scene bursts with lively hues and avian activity. Perched gracefully on a white-painted rustic fence, a duo of Blue Jays takes center stage.

With a curious gaze and head, one Blue Jay turned towards the viewer, inviting you to share in the enchanting moment. A weathered and rustic fence adds a touch of timeless charm to the scene, serving as the perfect stage for this avian spectacle.

In the background, a red-orange berry bush is in full bloom, adorned with luscious fruits. The burst of color adds warmth to the cool blue of the Blue Jays, creating a dynamic contrast that elevates the visual impact of the painting. Like nature’s jewels, these berries provide a feast for the Blue Jays and add depth to the late summer ambiance.

As the eye ascends, three birds gracefully soar through the sky, contributing to the sense of freedom and movement. Merrill Coffin’s keen eye for detail and mastery of color captures the essence of a tranquil summer day, where the joyful presence of Blue Jays becomes the focal point of this delightful masterpiece.


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