Tide’s In


“Early Morning tide brings forth the lonely lobsterman, to check on his lobster traps. His lobster dory begins to float free from the mud flat where i has rested, awaiting the next day’s excursion and hopefully a rewarding catch.” – Merrill E Coffin

Merrill Coffin along side Tides In

The Tide’s In was available as a print. A fun little story… I had hundreds of these in my room growing up. The first run was not up to par for my grandfather. The colors did not match the original. So he gave me stacks of prints so I could draw on the back. I kept them under my bed and would pull them out and would draw away on them. Grandpa always was supportive of my creative endeavors. Today, in my studio, I have the actual approved print… number 364 out of 650. I was lucky enough to get one in an antique store in the original framing. Unfortunately, we do not have any of these prints in stock. So search the local stores you may just get lucky!

For more history on this print read the announcement.


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