Nature’s Apple Feast

In Merrill Coffin’s captivating masterpiece, “Nature’s Apple Feast,” the essence of autumnal abundance comes to life upon the canvas. At its core, a solitary apple branch, heavy with the weight of luscious fruit, takes center stage. Each apple, a radiant orb of dark red, emits a warm, inviting glow, drawing the viewer into its rich, tempting depths. Yet, upon closer inspection, one notices the marks of nature’s sharing; some apples bear the telltale signs of bites, a testament to the cycle of life and sustenance.

Perched atop this bountiful branch, two blue jays command attention with their brilliant azure plumage and keen, watchful eyes. They are the guardians of this harvest, their presence lending an air of majesty to the scene. Their sleek forms stand out against the backdrop of crimson apples, their playful movements echoing the vibrancy of the season.

Meanwhile, nestled amidst the lower branches, a humble chickadee adds a touch of serenity to the tableau. Its small, unassuming presence serves as a reminder of the quiet beauty that coexists alongside nature’s abundance.

In “Nature’s Apple Feast,” Coffin captures the essence of the fall harvest, where the bounty of the orchard meets the playful dance of avian visitors. It is a celebration of life’s abundance, where every nibble and peck tells a story of sustenance and shared joy.


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  1. Phil Julian Avatar
    Phil Julian

    As an artist I exhibited with Merrill on many occasions. The structure of his display was simple but the quality of his work was always the best. I personally own two of Merrill’s originals. One is a fall scene with two birds. The other is a winter scene with maple syrup being tapped, birds and a barn. I believe they sold for about $700 each when purchased and I often wondered if his paintings have gone up in value. Merrill was a fine gentleman and a great artist. I currently live in Florida and Merrill’s paintings are proudly displayed in my home.

    1. admin Avatar

      Thank you for the memories you’ve shared with us. We would love to see your pieces. The price is probably worth up to 50 to 100 more.

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